Settling In

I guess my last blog was a sure sign I’d hit a rut. I didn’t realize it until some new friends started reaching out to me. I wrote another post on my other blog because it talks about the MS that hinders me (something I don’t want to talk about in this one). My attitude was definitely higher in that post. You can check it out here.

Anyway, our house looks lived in! We are just finishing up the master bedroom and bathroom. I have declared my bathroom my “War Room.” So basically, I have prayers and Bible verses posted all over. And my husband is totally okay with it. “Where else are you going to put it?” he shrugs. There will be a ramp put up, hugging our garage, next week! We have a welcome bucket on our door filled with silk flowers Doug had put there back in 2014. (It’s a beautiful bouquet, and if you’re ever in Pikeville, Kentucky, check out Levi’s Floral!)

Doug is home with us until he starts work the last week of June. It’s been so fun, and Lydia and I have been a little bit spoiled, but it’ll be hard once work starts. He will do some orientation before his first rotation starts, but he has yet to learn his schedule. I have in mind to get Lydia involved in things so that she’s too busy to miss her daddy. I mean, she’ll still miss him, but at least she’ll have fun, right?

I guess I wrote this blog to assure you readers, that I’m okay. I can say with confidence that we definitely have friends here. Our first official non-family guests are coming tomorrow! Should be fun!


Anna M.

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